Salmon Pepper Soup

IMG_00002355 (1)A friend once said, Salmons are heavenly fishes. I gave her the side look and of course my expression was “Seriously…lool” So I tried it for the first time and I was like wow this is out of this world. I almost ate it raw (over exaggeration here). Anyways I made a special one : “Salmon Peppersoup”.

Easy to make, hot & spisay, with a mintyswoosh sensation (what ever that means lool) don’t mind me just setting you in the savoury zones.

I’ll show you how I conjured it but first, lets go thru the stuff I used.

Salmon, Chicken stock, Pepper soup mix, Fish seasoning, Crushed chilies, Rosemary and Parsley. lets do this! 

Chicken stock? I made this from cooked chicken with all the magic ingredients…(story for another day) cool stuff. I sieved the stock after cooking the chicken to get rid of the residue from the ingredients and other stuffs. Then I transferred the stock to a clean pot and allowed to simmer on very low heat.  while thats settling, I began preping my salmon.  Sized it to the perfect shape then marinaded it with dry fish seasoning, crushed chilies, pinch of salt and 2 drops of liquid maggi. Oh my Oh my….

IMG_00002348 (1)

I allowed this to settle for about 15 so it’s properly infused with all the embellishment (grammar). Added a lil drop of extra virgin olive oil on a pan (low heat) then I fried the fish on all sides while taking extra care cos its very fragile and also to prevent it from flaking.

At this point  you’re probably wondering why fry the fish?….yeah the reason is to lock the ingredients in the fish and keep the fish from falling apart when in the soup.

So back to the pepper soup matter. I added three spoons of pepersoup mix to the chicken stock, some water to reduce the thickness, 4 seeds of rosemary for the mintyswoosh effect..then I cooked for 10 mins.  Reduced the heat, gently added the salmon and after another 10 – 15 mins…..Viola!!!!

Oh I forgot ..the parsley is just for the paparazzi, you know how we do it . Thanks for reading.

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