Grilled Plantain & Oyimattá

Grilled Plantain & Oyimattá

This lovely meal is inspired by the Gizdo effect. Gizdo aka gizzard and dodo aka dodogizzard. I gave this a twist with my classic signature oyimatta. With just few ingredients, its very easy to conjour. Lets do this.. Ingredients Gizzard Plantain Bell peppers Onions (chopped) Tomatoes (chopped) Scotch bonnets (chopped) Olive oil Basic Seasoning Preparation Method … Continue reading

Tomate Tagliatelle

   Hi Foodies, heres is another quick one 20 – 30 mins to prep and cook Ingredients – (Can be free styled. ) Pasta (Tagliatelle or any) Extra virgin olive oil ( any should do) Chopped tomatoes Crushed Chilli peppers ( or any fresh pepper) Black Pepper Onions Plantains Bay leaf Green peas Salmon or … Continue reading

Spicy Gizdo Wrap

Spicy Gizdo Wrap

Gizdo is a foodie slang for gizzard and dodo (plantain). Nice and lovely light meal. You have to taste it to understand trust me. Not to worry its quite easy to make with few ingredients. The main is to sought out the Gizdo condiments then you just wrap it up. Are you ready? Lets do this. Ingredients Gizzard … Continue reading



Frittatas are nice plus really colourful. Its another lovely way of enjoying egg especially if you are bored of scrambled eggs and omelets. Please read on to see how you can make yours.         Ingredients Eggs (4 or more) Basic seasoning ( salt, peppers etc) Veggies (Any you can get, bell peppers, … Continue reading

Potato Cakes & Spicy Beans

Potato Cakes & Spicy Beans

So! .. I finally baked today…. more like I cooked it tho, because that was the initial plan. Not for once have I been a fan of baking..not that patient, so i consider it an achievement To have managed to pull this off. Ingredients: Potatoes,Eggs, Flour,Butter,Salt Directions Peel, rinse and cook the potatoes. add a pinch … Continue reading