Manfredine Pasta garnished with Slow Roasted Veggies

IMG_20140409_125559Treat yourself to a taste of Italia – Manfredine Pasta garnished with Slow Roasted Veggies


Manfredine or any type of pasta

Cherry or normal tomatoes




Basil or any mixed herbs

Shallots or any type of onions

Chicken stock – Preferred but not compulsory


Cook the pasta with chicken stock.

To maintain a fine look and feel, place the pasta in the pot halfway, and after a couple of minutes cooking, this should soften to allow the whole length of the pasta in the pot.

If using the chicken stock, you do not need to add any seasoning or salt. however if you decide to cook with water, you need to seasoning and salt to taste. Note seasonings is based on preference.

Cook for 10 – 15 mins depending on preferred texture.

Chop the  veggies into a clean baking pan, add the salmon and prawns, throw in the onions, sprinkle some basil and finally drizzle with olive oil. Cover with foil and roast at 75 degrees in a preheated oven 30 minutes.

Mamamia meal so tasty …CIAO!!


Can also be served with rice, just apply the same method

Vegetarian Option : Use mushrooms, broccoli and the likes instead of salmon and prawns.

IMG_20140409_112325 IMG_20140409_113906 IMG_20140409_115244 IMG_20140409_120020 IMG_20140409_125526 IMG_20140409_125543

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