Ayamashe with Pan Seared Plantain

IMG_20140604_175809This is a beautiful peppery sauce with roots tied to western Nigeria.  Its hot, its lovely and its everything. You just need to try it.

Plus its very easy to make less stress and few ingredients.

I listed the ingredients below with a description on how to make it. Dont worry if you can’t get all the ingredients, you can always freestyle. I do that alot.



3 Green Bell Peppers

12 Green Scotch bonnets or less based on your preference

2 Red onions (preferably any type apart from spring onions should)

1 TBS Locust beans

4 Cloves of Garlic

Palm oil

Basic seasoning (salt, stock etc)

Non Veggie option (Prawn, lamb, chicken or meat chops already cooked)


Chop one red onions and 3 cloves of garlic then set aside, Heat up the pot and add half a cup of palm oil (could be more or less depending on the quantity you intend to make)

Bleach the palm oil i.e. cook on high heat till it becomes less viscous. Add the chopped onions and garlic, fry till they are completely burnt.

Apply caution when doing this. Reduce the heat and gently sieve the burnt onions and garlic from the oil.

Blend the 3 green bell peppers, one red onions, 1 clove of garlic and the scotch bonnets together.

Heat the oil again and gently pour in the blend. Stir and fry like you would for a normal sauce, allow to cook for longer say about 30 mins or more depending on the quantity. Stir at intervals to prevent it from burning. Add the locust beans, seasonings and salt to taste.

For the plantain, heat a fry pan, add one tbs of olive oil, cut the plantain to desired shape and sear it for about 3 min on all sides. Place the pan in the oven and allow to cook for 10 mins and its ready. Served with rice and anything nice.

Lets Do this.

IMG_20140604_152651 IMG_20140604_153803 IMG_20140604_155229 IMG_20140604_175618 IMG_20140604_175748 IMG_20140604_175956  IMG_20140604_175638

4 thoughts on “Ayamashe with Pan Seared Plantain

  1. Hello, I looove what you do.. hoping to be like you when I grow up,lol. Um could you pls take pictures of every step, asin accompany every instruction with a pic of what it looks like? It would really help a lot in re making the dishes.. thank you..

    • Hi Thanks so much. haha u dont wanna be black like me when u grow up lool.
      I try to for most of the post, but i’ll try to do more of that if possible.

  2. i have been hearing about u for a while now and just started following you on IG and i must say, u are the ish! your wife go enjoy oo. anyways, i am hoping to learn a lot and i am def gonna try this. only that i wanna lose mad weight so i have been off palm oil and things *sobs. hopefully i would meet u someday! that’s if u are in naija and u could make me something really nice! hope your charges wont leave a hole in my pocket tho. lol.

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