Grilled Plantains stuffed with Smoked Tuna

IMG_00002144 One of those evenings, I thought “what can I make with plantain?” without wasting time I went online, checked a few plantain delicacies and recipes, thought outside the spice box with some mix and match and That’s it !! Grilled plantain stuffed with smoked tuna. 

This is really simple and can be made in less than an hour. Check this out.

I used 2 plantains, bell peppers, mixed herbs, ground spice and smoked tuna.

So how did I do it?…. I preheated my oven at 180’ C for 10 mins, peeled the plantain, placed on a non-stick oven tray, into the oven, and then grilled for 25 min.

For the sauce, I added 2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil to the wok. Added the bell peppers then stir fried for 10 mins. While this was frying, I spiced it up with some mixed herbs, a lil bit of hot curry and liquid maggi.  3 mins later, I added the smoked tuna then stir fried for an additional 5 mins, by this time, the plantain was grilled with a golden brown color. I removed the plantain from the oven, allowed to cool then I sliced in the middle and stuffed it with the tuna sauce. ….

 With a glass of freshly pressed pineapple juice, this was a perfect evening…..

IMG_00002147 IMG_00002148

13 thoughts on “Grilled Plantains stuffed with Smoked Tuna

  1. Okay, I’ve been on your IG page and now your blog since yesterday and couldn’t leave without dropping a note. You are very talented!! I’m so inspired to do more cooking after seeing your page. I’m a huge lover of good food, and I think I cook well too ‘lol’.

    Your presentation is amazing, photography on point and the food looks delicious. Thank you so much for making my belly rumble since last night, and I hope to eat your food someday.

    From an inspired foodie, Bolla.

    • Thanks so much Bollabello. I am so happy I made your belly rumble lool. Pls be inspired let’s do this, let’s cook more and defo one day your gonna have a chef dudu treat “hopefully”. What’s your IG handle?

  2. I love how almost oil free your recipes are! After stalking your blog all night I ran out this morning and bought 2kg of plantain(Considering how hard it is to find plantain in India, I had to splurge abit). I’m definitely making this for dinner tomorrow! Now how about some beef recipes?

  3. Your recipes are very brilliant and to say the least mouth watering… Keep up the great work Chef ! From a huge fan

  4. No words for ds plantain recipe! I love ur cooking style n i like ur presentation.After seeing ds on Instagram i was so happy.i tried mine wit mince meat mix wt onion,red bell pepper n spinach,also wt beans porridge peppered chicken n french toast ol for breakfast! Ur recipes r mouth-watering!

    • Many thanks Ablah, I am glad you liked it. The plantain recipe is really lovely. I see you rocked it well.
      You should also try it with fish and prawns, …lovely

  5. Hi chef Dudu…I’m obsessed with your page and will love you to post more recipes
    Regarding this plantain stuffed with tuna,I want to know if I should use a ripe plantain,half done or unripe?thax

    • Hi Z,
      Just Ripe is perfect. If its overipe it comes out soggy.
      I’m working on a new site for chefdudu that’s why this has not been updated in a while. The new designs will blow ur mind watch out 🙂

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