Grilled Prawntain Chops

IMG_00002769Yes it is … prawns and plantain. Grilled and spiced to pamper your taste buds.

Just in my usual mode of coining recipes, the thought flashed ……quickly I dashed to the corner shop to get some plantains. Headed to Morrison’s to get some prawns. I got the ones with the shell cos’ what I pictured was a crunch effect.

Just imagine the spices trapped in between the shells of the prawns. To be honest I think you should try this.

Stuffs I used: plantain, prawns, liquid-maggi, mixed herbs, ground cinnamon and extra virgin olive oil.

Sliced the peeled plantains into circular chunks, placed along side the prawns in the oven pan. Then I seasoned it with liquid-Maggi, mixed herb, and cinnamon. Prior to this I already preheated the oven to 180’ C, so I drizzled some extra virgin olive oil before sliding into the oven to grill. 

IMG_00002767    IMG_00002687   IMG_00002761
After 20mins what you have is a spicy mouth watering quick chops ready to be munched. Perfect for meal starters …  be advised if you’re the impatient type you’re definitely gonna finish it before its ready to be served.

Let me know how it goes if you give it a try.

See ya!!!






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