Truly Fine Dinning: Semolina & Prawn Veggies

 IMG_00002801 (1)Let me tell you a story, a very short one. You see I am kind of a “Say No to boring Food” Guy…… call me funny but seriously you know how it feels when your meal is colorful and beautifully presented….

I’ll run you through the making of this beautiful light meal. The paparazzi will be a story for another day.

 For the Swallow, I used coarse semolina and for the Efo I used Kale. Also featured are scotch bonnets (peppers), onions, palm oil, grilled prawns, lamb, locust beans (Iru) and Maggi.

 To prep the semolina, I added the portion needed in a clean pan, added some water then I mixed to a loose paste. I had this going on a low heat just to get the ball rolling.  Then I added hot water to the mix, while stirring to get the expected form and texture. Covered it and allow to seamer on low heat for about 5 mins.

As for the vegetable “Efo”, I used Kale for the first time and it came out well.  I blended the onions and scotch bonnets, fried it using preheated palm oil, added all the seasonings I could think of including the locust beans, lamb and grilled prawns. I allowed this to cook for a while (15-20 mins) then salted it to taste.  Next I added the Kale veggies, while twisting and mixing, covered it then cooked for just 5 mins cos I like it green (preference).

I recommend you give this a try. When you do, make sure the prezzi is on point


2 thoughts on “Truly Fine Dinning: Semolina & Prawn Veggies

  1. I am reading all your recipes and just loving them. I love how you are modernising Nigerian cuisine but still keeping all the flavours and spices. I can’t wait to try them.
    Well done man !

    • Thanks RJ. You should try them and come up with yours to. you can free style the recipes based on your preference.
      Let me know how it goes if you manage to try.


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