Spicy Indomie Wrap

 IMG_20140201_132840It’s no news I love noodles, especially indomie noodles and am sure you also do…Anyway’s am gonna show you one of my indomie recipes. I like to give mine a bit of spicing, prezzi and paparazzi check this out, I call it spicy indomie wrap.

Stuff I used:

Indomie noodles, Bell peppers, Scotch bonnets for that hot sensation,  Lamb sausage to hold the filling, Square wraps

I cooked the noodles for 2 mins added the diced scotch bonnets and the noodles spice. cooked for further for about a min, then I drained it using a sieve.

I diced those gorgeous looking bell peppers, spiced the sausage with maggi, then I grilled for 15 mins.

I gently placed the sausages on the wrap, added some of the peppers followed by the indomie noodles. Now this is the fun part, I carefully rolled the wrap tightly while the kitchen was filled with the savoury smell coming from the Noodles. I could not resist the first wrap so I had to munch before making the rest.

You should try this if you can. Freestyle the recipes ….Ciao!

IMG_20140201_130935     IMG_20140201_131557     IMG_20140201_131523     IMG_20140201_132948

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