Oat Chops

IMG_20140208_065309This is a funny one. We all have that one saturday we wake up with a sweet tooth and just want to devour something sugary but that guilt of cheating sets us back.

Then I thought of oats which is always a good source of fibre to kick start the body for breakfast but this might be too plain for me. I need to give it a twist, something exciting and yet not too bad in my attempt to a healthy lifestyle. Hehe.

Just as I was deliberating, I caught sight of the box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate a friend got for me. Are you thinking what am thinking. Lets do this.

Cooked very little Oats to my preference with some almond milk allowed it to settle in a small shot like porcelain bowl, dropped one Ferrero Rocher chocolate on it then drizzled with maple syrup. Oh my Oh my, you can’t understand until you try it. Just as the oats absorbs the chocolate is an escapade on its own not to talk of the “choco – l – oat” like sensation felt.

All that goodness was burnt off at the gym that morning as I was exhausted on the ab cruncher and the rowing machine……not bad afterall. CIAO!!

IMG_20140208_065243  IMG_20140209_183954   IMG_20140208_065109

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