Plantain Kebab

IMG_20140201_154749Last week while I was at work, I got a text from YINX TASTY LTD to check out their wedding video. I clicked on the attached link yinxtastywedding to watch the video and I was like wow!! you need to check them out. As if the amazing styling to their dishes was not enough, you should see the love on their face as they served the guests. Beautiful atmosphere I must say.

I caught sight of one of the wedding platter made from plantain and prawns styled with a ribbon like skewer. Instantly I thought I must make something similar but with a different touch and guess what Plantain Kebab.

Simple chops made from plantains, lamb, cherry tomatoes, with maggi, mixed herb, salt, lamb seasoning, and perri perri seasoning.

I preheated my oven to 200 degrees while I prep’d the stuffs ready to grill.Sliced the plantains and seasoned them with maggi and perri perri sauce. Seasoned the lamb chops with maggi, peppers, lamb seasoning, salt and  mixed herbs.

Allowed this to settle for a few mins before I put into the grill. I removed from the grill after 20 mins, allowed it to cool. Picked up the skewers and pierced the luscious looking lamb chops, cherry tomatoes and plantain, chucked them into the grill for about 15 mins. I allowed this to cool and you know what’s next.  Munching time. …..CIAO!!!!

IMG_20140201_155247  IMG_20140201_142831   IMG_20140201_155611IMG_20140201_155042  IMG_20140201_142827   IMG_20140201_155522

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