Jollof Risotto & Tiger Prawns

IMG_20140209_145641For a while now I’ve been thinking of Jollof Rice I owe this to not having it in like a very long while.Anyways I made it today but with a  different twist. “A taste of Italian” – “Risotto Rice”.

Keep reading as I describe the escapade. Though you might be interested in the stuffs I used,….. Risotto, Tiger Prawns, Bell peppers, Turmeric, Cumin Seeds, Mixed Herbs, Peri Peri Sauce, Tomato puree, Ground Coriander, Onions , Tomatoes, Crushed Chili Peppers and Curry Goat Seasoning.

I used quite a few recipes and that’s because I freestyle a lot and if you’re thinking of doing this i’ll recommend you freestyle too. I chopped the  tomatoes, diced the bell peppers and the onions, cooked the tomatoes for about 10 mins, added some carotino oil to fry it. While doing that I added the seasonings, Maggi, salt, Curry goat seasoning, Ground Coriander, Tomato puree and the onions.

Par boiled the risotto for 5 mins then rinsed. Then I transferred the sauce I made to the parboiled risotto, added the cumin seed, mixed herbs, crushed chili peppers. Allowed this to cook for about 15 mins then added the bell peppers cos I wanted them to still retain the colours when done. Steered and allowed to seamer.

For the prawns, I removed the shell from the tiger prawns, leaving the last layer of shell so the tails can keep its form. I then spiced this with some maggi, and peri peri sauce, pierced with the skewer and off to the grill. To retain the juiciness of the prawn I grilled it for just 15 mins.

What do you think? Giving it a try? Let’s do this. …… Ciao!

IMG_20140209_135055              IMG_20140209_140359                IMG_20140209_150335 IMG_20140209_150401              IMG_20140209_150037                IMG_20140209_145852

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