Tuwo Shinkafa & Miyan Taushe

IMG_20140216_125432Trust me you’ll love this. It’s a classic one I pulled on my trip to Northern Nigeria. In my kitchen of course. I have heard a lot about Northern Nigeria, the beautiful people, the rich and diverse cultures….. the list is countless.

I was able to make this meal with the help of Sasas kitchen after stumbling on her blog http://sasaskitchen.blogspot.co.uk/  during my search for this recipe. Yesssss! I’m now a confirmed Arewa Chef.

Am gonna make this short because I really need to munch this meal.

 Stuffs I used are Risotto rice – thats a bit of italian there you know, pumpkin, king prawns, lamb chops, celery salt, crushed chillies, bell peppers – to give it colours , liquid Maggie, locust beans and spinach. I’m sure by now you can tell I love experimenting hence my choice of seasonings and ingredients.

Lets do this – I boiled the rice for a long while, kept adding water till it was very soft. Then I mashed it till it was even and then rolled it to shape.

On the other side, I boiled the lamb meat with leak and chillies, adding celery salt and maggi. Then I peeled the skin of the pumpkin, removed the seeds and diced them to small chunks. I added this to the cooked lamb then cooked for about 15-20 mins with the lamb stock.  While this was cooking, I diced the bell peppers, sliced the spinach then I added to the pumpkin, having mashed it up all in the pot. With the Arewa tunes I found on youtube playing in the background, I added the prawns, locust beans, celery salt and maggi. I allowed this to cook for 10 mins and guess what.  “Zo ka ci abinci, Tuwo Shinkafa da Miyan Taushe”  My Arewa peeps please help me out here incase you spot   a blunder.

Si an Juma……CIAO!!

IMG_20140216_124509  IMG_20140216_104007  IMG_20140216_103949IMG_20140216_125259  IMG_20140216_115154  IMG_20140216_113123  IMG_20140216_124531  IMG_20140216_114709  IMG_20140216_124555

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