Pineapple Coconut Milk Cocktail

IMG_20140303_133249I was in Coventry last Saturday and to my surprise its was my friends birthday, Yeeeeees!!! On geting to the bar something caught my fancy. As I don’t drink Alcohol I ordered something nice with a good kick and the bar man gave me this drink that the looks of something from the Caribbean.

Pineapple coconut cocktail

I thought to myself this is too good not to be tried.

Got a the main ingredients which are pineapple and  coconut milk. You might need a shaker for this if you can lay your hands on one and if not you can use a bottle. Then get nice tumbler or slim verrine cups for the prezzi, a straw, ice block and cocktail umbrella……lool don’t mind me.

Now all you have to do is mix then Shake Shake Shake Shake……paparanranran add some ice block then again shake shake shake. Add some ice to you glass cup, drop the straw in and pour directly from the shake into the glass. If you can, get some nice hot small chops on the side and start sipping. Let me know how it goes if you manage to pull this off.


IMG_20140303_132022  IMG_20140303_133318

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