Golden Plantain Mash & Spicy Grilled Salmon

 IMG_20140303_165918With plantains I am ready for the extra mile. I am not sure about you but for me its a meal any day any time.

Sometimes last year when  I got a new WOK, I decide to make some stir frys and plantains. for some reason, i thought it won’t be a bad idea to use the WOK for the plantain so I gave it a try. To my surprised it came out all mashed up may be its the shape of the WOK or the the plantains were too soft cant really say its been long. Instantly I changed my mind and just mashed them all up Voila! it came out nice.

I decide to try it out today but this time intentional with a twist. Golden Plantain Mash and Peppered Salmon.

Stuffed used : Ripe plantain, Salmon, Red Crushed Chillies, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Celery salt, Fish Seasoning and Liquid Maggi.

First I seasoned the salmon, with the fish seasoning, celery salt, liquid maggi and red crushed chillies. Then I placed this on an oven pan, into the oven to grill on medium heat.

While that was on, I peeled the plantains, and diced them to small chunks, fried it on a pan with extra virgin olive oil just as it was golden, i took them all out into a porcelain bowl, then mashed with a spatula until mixed.

By this time, 15mins to be precise, the peppered salmon was ready and looking fiery. Ready to be devoured with the mashed plantains vegetable. I reckon you give this a try you are definitely gonna like it…..

Lets do this.

IMG_20140303_165931                  IMG_20140303_170242


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