Yasmin Rice & Cajun Chicken Kebab

IMG_20140306_155726Yasmin is the Arabic name for the beautiful  Jasmine Flower

I thought to name this beautiful meal Yasmin Rice, not because it was made with Jasmine rice, but in recognition of a beautiful, Vibrant and strong super woman aspiring to be great.

My friend Yasmin, This is for you.

For the Yasmin Rice : used Jasmine Rice, diced bell peppers, celery salt, cumin seeds, maggi and low fat butter.

For the Cajun chicken kebab : Cajun hot sauce, chicken diced chicken breast, onions, peppers, dry peri peri seasoning, mixed herbs and maggi.

I parboiled the rice rinsed then added some celery salt, butter, maggi and cumin seeds. This was allowed to cook for ten mins then added the bell peppers lowering the heat to prevent the peppers from losing its colour.

For the kebab, I marinated the diced chicken breast with a mix of all the above named ingredients and grilled in the preheated oven for 20 mins. As I opened the oven, the nice kebabish aroma engulfed the kitchen then I allowed the grilled chicken to cool. Now it’s time to arrange the succulent chicken breasts with the peppers and onions on the skewer then dressed it with the Cajun hot sauce and further grilled for 10 mins but this time on low heat to retain the juiciness of the chicken Kebab.

You definitely want to try this, I hope the description is clear enough if not give me a shout and I’ll defo give more tips.

You can freestyle the ingredients if you are unable to get the exact ones i have described above.


IMG_20140306_155748                                                         IMG_20140306_155634  IMG_20140306_143659                                                                           IMG_20140306_152051

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