Spicy Jollof Couscous

IMG_20140310_180411After a long Formula one kinda weekend, eating junks and crannies at all the service stops off the Motorway, I couldn’t help but give Monday a good start. So I thought spicy as usual, but clean and healthy there we go, thereee we gooo – Spicy Jollof Couscous. You have to try this its really nice, simple and quick to make – all done in less than 30 mins

Stuffs I used : Giant Couscous, Chopped tomatoes, Basil, Turmeric, Celery salt, Bell peppers, Spring onions, Prawns, Soft boiled eggs, red crushed chillies, Carotino oil and Liquid maggi.

Lets do this. 

I heated 3 spoonful of carotino oil in a clean pan, added the chopped tomatoes to fry with a pinch of celery salt, turmeric for colouring, red crushed chill for a peppery kick. Allowed this to cook for 10 mins, then I added the couscous, prawns, diced bell peppers and spring onions. Added some water, liquid maggi and allowed to cook for 20 mins on medium heat. Viola!!!!   Sliced the soft boiled egg on to the couscous platter, sprinkled a pinch of basil and Dinner is ready.

Try this, free style recipes to give yours a twist…. you’ll definitely enjoy it.




2 thoughts on “Spicy Jollof Couscous

  1. Awesome and yummy-looking recipe Chef Dudu. This is the next meal in my home.

    However with the smaller cous cous….would you use the same method..such as adding water and cooking for 20mins…..the small one gets soggy and sticky with too much water.

    I would be glad for your advice on this. I looj forward to making the small cous cous jollof style.

    Another food lover


    • Hi MT, Sorry this coming late. with the smaller cous cous its a bit trick cos you only seamer it in boiled water and its done. I suggest you cook your jollof mix, after bringin it to a boil, put of the heat and add your couscous, you would have to measure the content tho so it does not get soggy.
      please let me know how this goes.

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