Chicken Pineapple Wrap

IMG_20140320_175522 TGIF. Its gonna be a lovely weekend packed with loads of recipes. This lovely quick meal am about to share is savoury and fruity jazzed with peppers, spicy grilled chicken and grilled pineapples.


Tortilla wrap, Pineapple, Chicken breast, Bell Peppers,Red crushed chillies (scotch bonnets or any other will do), Chicken Seasoning, Onions, Chef Dudu’s signature peri peri  or any dry chicken seasoning would do)


Cut the chicken breast, pineapple and bell peppers into strips. Slice the onions into half moon shape. Season the chicken strips and place on a non-stick oven pan, then grill for 20 mins  till it’s cooked while turning the sides.

You can use a fry pan or wok, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil / vegetable oil add the chicken breast and sty fry till brown or cooked.

Once the chicken breast is cooked from any of the above  methods,  add the  peppers and  onions together with the cooked/grilled chicken in a wok or pan. Add more seasoning,for this I used the Chef Dudu peri peri sauce I made some days back. Then I stir fried for 5 mins, set  aside and allowed to cool.

I grilled the pineapple on the grill pan to give it that smoky barbecue flavour; you can leave this out and still enjoy your wrap.

Heat the tortilla wrap on the grill or microwave for 5 secs on both sides, then gently spoon a sizeable mix of the chicken and pepper to the tortilla, add 2 or 3 strips of the grilled pineapple  wrap it gently and lets have a wonderful weekend! .Lets do this!!

IMG_20140320_175441    IMG_20140320_164159    IMG_20140320_174848IMG_20140320_170904    IMG_20140320_171455    IMG_20140320_171915 IMG_20140320_172909    IMG_20140320_174409

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