A Classic Twist to Nupé Fish Sauce


It’s no news everything about Nupé is beautiful. The culture and of course the people *Smile*. If only you understand, but am sure a few or one* of us reading this piece understands when I say Nupé is the new meaning of love.

Cooking connects the dots and unlock the inner peace while I enjoy exploring recipes and fusing them with modern and classic touch. Here is a beautiful representation of my love for Nupé

Grilled Salmon Sauce & a mix of French Camargue and Basmati Rice – classic touch to Nupé Dining.


Salmon, Onions – chopped, Red crushed chillies, Black peppers, Knorr cubes, Carotino or Palm Oil, Ground pepper aka atta gungun, Sesame seeds, Salt


Spice and season the salmon strips, then grill for 15 mins at 250 degrees in a preheated oven. On the other hand, heat a clean pot and add some carotino or palm oil, allow this to melt then add the finely chopped onions to the oil and fry for 1 min.

Chunk one of the grilled salmon strips to flakes, then add this to the fried onion sauce including the red crushed chilli peppers, ground dry pepper, one or two seeds of black pepper, knorr, pinch of salt and about a cup of warm water depending on quantity. Stir this gently and allow to cook for 10 mins.

Add the grilled salmon in the sauce gently and cook for 5 – 7 min on low heat.Once done serve with rice, tuwo or anything nice, sprinkle some sesame seeds, enjoy.

Sai Gobe.

If you fancy the original and more traditional recipė, check out 9jafoodie.com or visit  sasaskitchen.blogspot.co.uk  where it is adapted from.

 IMG_20140404_114841  IMG_20140404_114822   IMG_20140404_115845  IMG_20140404_123439    IMG_20140404_123419  IMG_20140404_123636

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